“Annie Paden’s writing is absolutely delightful. She skillfully blends humor and tender stories into an amazing study about the Fruit of the Spirit. For every woman who craves a Spirit-led life, you will find these pages brimming with deep truths, practical help and self-reflection. Simply stated – I love this book.”

—Alice Gray, author, Stories of the Heart series, The Worn-Out Woman and Small Acts of Grace.

“Once in a while book comes along that captures our attention, yet rarely one that takes us captive. Annie Paden’s book, Fruit Flies, does both. Stories from her heart to ours mirror how much alike we really are and gives us a glimpse of the women God intends us to be. You will laugh, and you will cry as the Spirit begins to ripen His fruit in your life.”

—Nancy Carlson, Women’s ministry leader, Bible study teacher, writer, lay counselor and mentor

“I highly recommend this honest, sensitive, humorous, and practical study on the subject of the Fruit of the Spirit. Fruit Flies is an essential study for building and/or restoring hope, courage, and faith.”

—Kimberly Davidson, MA, Board certified, American Association of Christian Counselors

“One of the best Christian living books I’ve read. Filled with humor, often using her own faux pas to make her points, Annie’s gentle encouragement spurs readers to abandon actions that spoil their Christian testimony and instead walk in the Spirit.”

—Julie Surface Johnson, Author, Over Coffee, Christian advice columnist, Challenges Women Face

"I am delighted with Annie's book about the Fruit of the Spirit. She's done an excellent job of mixing story with study. Her stories are so genuine--the exchanges between Annie and her husband sound very real. I am touched by her words and am honored she attended my writing classes."

—Sherri Langton, Associate Editor for Bible Advocate, Workshop speaker at Christian writers conferences

"If you have ever contemplated reading a "Christian book" but have found it heavy or hard to read, trust me when I tell you that will not be the case when you read Annie Paden's book, Fruit Flies in Our Faith. It is easy to read and you will identify with many of the experiences she shares. You won't want to put the book down and will find yourself laughing and crying at some of her stories. This is a book worth reading more than once. I have added it to my daily devotional time and will pass it on to my friends and loved ones." 

—Sue Hunter