Annie Paden's ministry focuses on helping women survive and thrive through daily life and difficult life circumstances. During her seventeen years of experience in a women's ministry, Annie developed compassion and understanding for the challenges women face in today's world.

          During Annie's talks, workshops, keynote addresses and small group work, her audiences explore the Fruit of the Spirit at a personal, practical level while having some fun in the process. Discover how living the principles presented in Galatians 5:22-23 can add new meaning, depth and dimension to our lives as Christian women.
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          Annie's passion is to help women who are moms, daughters, wives, professionals, educators, leaders...
            • Recognize and respond to the voice of the Holy Spirit.
            • Rely on the Spirit to help them change the focus of their daily lives.
            • Experience the wonder of the Fruit of the Spirit growing within them.
            • Share the Spirit's fruit in their corner of the world.
            • Focus on what the Spirit is teaching them through their own life stories.
                Annie conveys these messages through specific talks to Women's Luncheons, Bible Studies, Parenting Groups, Retreats, Workshops, and Small Groups. Her list of presentations include topics such as...
                  1. Finding Contentment and Peace—Despite the American Dream 
                  2. Courage to "Take Heart" in the Hard places of Life
                  3. Choose Joy—How Lord?
                  4. What Do You See?—Finding Goodness in Others
                  5. Finding God in the Stories of Your Life
                  6. Kind Eyes—Really Seeing Each Other
                  7. The Power of a Smile in Everyday Situations 

                  "I was encouraged and challenged by the truths Annie shared. Each story, each verse spoke God's truth to me. I want to thank Annie for sharing and for being "REAL" cuz, girl, I GET you! I could 100% relate to her through each story, her transparent actions and attitudes...just everything! The visuals she gave have totally stuck with me. Her questions caused me to stop and truly look inward and ask God, "So how am I doing?" Yikes! But then it's so very good to know!"

                  Lori Elliott, Attendee at Bible study taught by Annie

                  To book Annie for your group, conference or event, e-mail her directly at: