Waiting for Benny

My son James' cat, Benny, had been behaving stranger than usual the last couple of days. Strange enough to warrant a trip to the vet. After multiple tests and an abdominal x-ray (to the tune of a dollar amount I don't even want to type but, fortunately, don't have to pay) Benny was diagnosed with an intestinal irritation. The vet gave him medication (not literally) and requested a fecal sample as soon as possible. Really?

Since everyone else in the family gets in their car and leaves for work in the morning that left me on litter box patrol. I shut Benny in a bedroom with a clean box and told him to produce. He hid in the closet. I checked in on him every half hour or so and gave him pep talks—nothing. He may have been sulking as he weighed in at 18 pounds and the vet said he was morbidly obese. 

Benny and his sister Betsy don't like me (even though I feed them) but are very attached to James. They are refugees from hurricane Ike that struck Texas in 2008. James was living in Houston at the time and adopted two of the many kitties left homeless by the storm. When James moved back to Oregon Ben and Betsy came too. They now live with us. James doesn't know Betsy's history but the people at the shelter told him Benny was found floating in a dumpster. Such a sad story. I cut Benny some slack when he hisses at me. He has issues.

I had several things I needed to do today but they have been put on hold as I need to stay close by for frequent litter box checks. The last time I visited with Benny I sat on the floor and sympathized with his situation. He gave my hand a head-rub and let me pet him for a bit.

Sometimes when my fractured, hurried life is reduced to the lowest common denominator I begin to see and appreciate the importance of the basics. As I spent time encouraging Benny I wasn't thinking about vet bills or personal inconvenience. I was just thinking about a sick cat who needs me. So, I will tell him I love him, pet him when he lets me and wait.

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me of the value of simplicity and how badly we all need love and patience—even sick kitties.

"Love is patient…" 1 Corinthians 13:4



  • So, what happened with Benny? Did you get the “sample” you needed? What did the vet come up with as far as diagnosis and treatment? Why would you not have to pay the vet bill?

    Shirley Quam
  • “All creation groans. . . " even sick kitties. And who can blame them. It’s not their fault they get sick. I think that started in Eden under a fruit tree. So you’re right, Annie (of course you are dear friend.) Whether we like it or not, we owe the kitties those head pets . . . and love and sympathy . . . and yeah, patience. PS Though I don’t have a kitty, I suppose I could be nicer to the neighbor’s cat that uses my flower bed as his litter box.


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