Waiting for Bennie (continued)

Bless your hearts, several of you had questions and expressed concern over the fate of Bennie the cat. I wrote the first part of his story in my blog on May 8th. First of all, he's fine, but here's the rest of the story.

After I posted my blog two weeks ago, I found a nice big clump in the litter box. I thought Bennie had finally cooperated. I quickly bagged it up and took it to the vet. About an hour later my son called me and said the vet called him at work to inform him his mother had dropped off a urine sample. Not what they needed. They had a good laugh at my expense. Huh!

I went upstairs where Bennie was still shut in his room and told him I didn't think he was very funny. He just looked at me and blinked and went back in the closet. No more litter box activity that afternoon. 

When my son got home from work around 5:00, he went up to check on his ailing cat. Bennie  promptly came out of the closet and produced a very generous sample. James put it in a baggie and then in the refrigerator. Are you kidding me? The vet was closed so I needed to drop it off the next morning. They were kind but still giggling when I handed over the chilled baggie.

I'm happy to report that, although they wanted to test for a couple more feline disorders (no, thank you) they couldn't find anything wrong with Bennie. They put him on an antibiotic for good measure. He moped around for a couple more days then pulled himself together and now he's just fine.

In the original blog I wrote that I didn't have to pay the vet bill and someone wanted to know why. Well, my son has a good job and is now able to pay his own vet bills. Bennie gave him a good dose of reality.

I had trouble finding a scripture to go with the conclusion of Bennie's story until I read Proverbs 27:1.

"Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth."

God bless all of you who love and care for your animal friends. 







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