Middle C (The Fruit of the Spirit is . . . Faithfulness)

I came downstairs this morning and turned on the living room lights. For a reason I didn't understand at the time, I walked over to the piano. I don't really play (despite my mother's efforts) but can pick out a tune. My fingers wanted to play Amazing Grace.

My right hand reached for the dusty keyboard, my thumb resting on Middle C. I pressed down expecting the first note of my favorite hymn. Nothing. I thumped a bit harder—just a dull thud. I tried the other keys and they sounded fine. I felt a message coming in. 

I've been feeling spiritually sluggish lately. The thought arrived in my pre-coffee brain that Middle C is sort of the Jesus of the piano. It is the center from which all the music flows. It is home base. Middle C shows me where to start and where to come back to. All the sharps and flats, chords and melodies, high notes and low won't make music if they are not centered around that one note.

Jesus is my Middle C. The center from which the music of my life is played. The link between the high notes of my life and the low. I realized I had wandered off center. Doing my devotions but not spending "real" time with Jesus. Going through the motions but not letting Him teach me the songs He wants me to play—let alone practicing the faith I cherish.

Unlike my piano, Jesus doesn't need tuning. He never gets dusty from lack of use. He will always be at the center of my soul even when I'm puttering around not paying much attention. However, He will let His music grow fainter and fainter until I notice. Then, like this morning, I feel sluggish and flat—and by the amazing grace of God, realize I've wandered and go running back to my faithful Center. The music of my life. Jesus. The Salvation of the wretched, the Finder of the lost, the Healer of the blind. The Music of the universe. My Middle C.

As the lights came on in the house, Jesus used my fingers to show me my desire for Amazing Grace. He used Middle C to turn the light back on in my soul.



  • I think this is my favorite. The fact is, I think everything you write is my favorite. XO

    Alice Gray
  • Great reminder of a basic truth and our need to stay close to Middle C(hrist).

    Julie Johnson
  • A solid but gentle reminder of our Source of renewal and healing.

    Bonnie Marston
  • You always mind a meaningful message. Love it.

    Nancy C.

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