And Your Name Is? (The Fruit of the Spirit is . . . Kindness)

The national head of the company I worked for knew my name! I couldn't believe it. I'd met him at a conference over a year ago—I must have made quite an impression!

I was attending a fund-raiser breakfast and he flew in from Virginia to attend. As the group mingled before the main event, he walked up to me and said, "Hi, Annie. How are you?" I have no idea what intelligent reply I came up with, I was so overcome by the fact that he remembered me. Wow!

As he moved on to speak to the man next to me, I noticed his casual glance at the gentleman's lapel. A stick-on name tag boldly announced his name, "Hi, My Name is . . . ."

Well, there you go. I looked down at my own name tag stuck on my chest. I took my burst bubble over to the buffet table and ate a badly needed maple bar. I learned two valuable lessons that day—using someone's name creates a good first impression and makes the person feel acknowledged and important. Also, learn to see the name tag in your peripheral vision so no one notices.

Wouldn't it be helpful if we all wore name tags—all the time. It would save us from so many awkward moments:

  • You run into the pastor of the church you have attended for ten years. You're at the mall and he's totally out of context. You have no idea what his name is or why he looks so familiar.
  • Shopping with a friend, you cross paths with your next-door neighbor of forty years. Introductions need to be made but you can't for the life of you think who either of them are.
  • Introduced to someone at a party, you are then joined by your spouse. Hopefully, you remember their name but are clueless as to the name of the person you met five seconds ago. 
  • How about when the family is over for dinner. You wouldn't have to run through four or five names (some of them your cat's) before landing on the correct name of your oldest grandchild. "Grandma, really?"
I could go on and on. No more coming up with little tricks to help connect you to someone's name (this can be risky, "June the Loon" can backfire). No more embarrassment for some other poor soul as you attempt to help them recall who you are.
I realize it's not practical—we would forget to put them on anyway. I can't control everyone else but I think making a cute nametag for myself is an idea whose time has come.
Hello, my name is Annie. And your name is . . .?
What do you think?



  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • I forgot my husband’s name once when introducing him to a new friend who sat across from us at a church potluck.
    Seriously? Though I never forgot his name again, I remember the incident clearly ….and that was fifty+ years ago. :-)

  • Hi Sue, Be sure to take out a patent. You’d make a million. Love, Mary


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