"A Big Life or a Little Life—Life is Life" Chris Felix (Kindness)

I recently watched a news clip about two Michigan policemen who came upon a young man (Chris Felix) at the side of the road giving CPR. With a web cam running, the police approached quietly and saw the man giving tiny chest compressions—to a squirrel.

The squirrel had apparently run into Felix's car. He didn't appear to be injured but was laying on his back, out cold. At a policeman's suggestion Felix slowly began to roll the victim over. He them began stroking his back.

"It looks like he's coming around," one of the policemen said.

Suddenly they all jumped, including the squirrel, who took off at full speed across the yard and up a tree. 

"You did it man. You saved his life!" The police and Felix shared high-fives.

In later interview Felix said, "It doesn't matter. A big life or a little life—life is life."

Chris wants to go into medicine. He certainly has the heart for it. 



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